Learn How to Garden for Birds and Other Wildlife

    Audubon's Backyard column lays out all sorts of ways to make your yard and garden more hospitable for birds and other wildlife.  Read the following articles on-line, and check out our print version for the latest installment.  To subscribe, click here



Build a Wildlife Pond
Read "A Liquid Noah's Ark," by Tim Matson, June 2003

Saving Paradise
Read "Locking Up Your Land," by David Dobbs, December 2002

A Home for Northern Flickers
Read "Knocking on Wood," by Frank Graham Jr., May-June 2002

A Home for Screech Owls
Read "A Little Night Magic," by Kenn Kaufman, January-February 2002

Welcome Migrating Birds
Read "Rest Stops for the Weary," by Janet Marinelli, September-October 2001.

Ditch Your Lawn Mower 
Read "Dawn of a New Lawn," by Andy Wasowski, May-June 2001.

Take Pictures 
Read "Shooting Like a Pro," by Les Line, January-February 2001.

Make Over Your Garden 
Read "The Audubon Garden Makeover," by Janet Marinelli, July-August 2000.  

Can the Pesticides 
Read "The Killer in Your Backyard," by Joel Bourne, May-June 2000.

Feed the Birds 
Read "The Winter Banquet," by Stephen W. Kress, January-February 2000.

Leave Leaves 
Read "Laying Out Winter's Welcome Mat," by Kris Wetherbee, September-October 1999.

Plant Native 
Read "Going Native," by Janet Marinelli, July-August 1999.

Bring in Butterflies 
Read "Gardening for Butterflies," by Kris Wetherbee, May-June 1999.

Provide Water
Read "Homegrown Wetlands," by John Manuel, July-August 1999.

Read "Private Property, Public Good," by David Dobbs, July-August 1998.


By Janet Marinelli

The following books on gardening for wildlife are all published by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I recommend them not only because I work here and therefore know they're reliable, but also because they're a great bargain ($9.95 each) and because they're the only wildlife-gardening books I know of that stress the importance of planting native species. (In the past, many plants that were recommended for bird-habitat enhancement became invasive and are now causing huge problems.)

Burrell, C. Colston, editor, The Natural Water Garden: Pools, Ponds, Marshes, and Bogs for Backyards Everywhere (New York: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1997)

Kress, Stephen W., editor, Bird Gardens: Welcoming Wild Birds to Your Yard (New York: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1998)

Kress, Stephen W., editor, Hummingbird Gardens: Turning Your Yard Into Hummingbird Heaven (New York: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 2000)

Lewis, Alcinda, editor, Butterfly Gardens: Luring Nature's Loveliest Pollinators to Your Yard (New York: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1995)

Marinelli, Janet, editor, Going Native: Biodiversity in Our Own Backyards (New York: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1994)

Kress has also published several of his own books, including National Audubon Society Bird Garden (New York: Dorling Kindersly and the National Audubon Society, 1995).
Click on "," then search for "National Audubon Society Bird Garden." If you buy through this portal, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase price to the National Audubon Society.