Sept-Oct 2000

Audubon: Contents — September-October 2000

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From the Editor
Animal Obsessions
On your odyssey to find the animal or place you've got to see, remember: The trip of your life can also be a trip that preserves life.
By Lisa Gosselin

The Audubon View
Vote for the Environment
Citizens need to realize that the votes they cast do make a difference.
By John Flicker



Field Notes
Whales and the not-so-silent deep; the man who eats Manhattan; R.P.P. for the new DDT. Exclusive: The new Gore-Bush green debate. 
Edited by David Seideman

True Nature
The Artistry of Bird's Nest
An autumn walk reveals a truth: You can learn alot about birds by the homes they keep.
By Bernd Heinrich

The Shaman of Colors
Painter Rick Harlow found inspiration in the Colombian rainforest- and created a successful business for its indigenous people.
By Steve Nadis

Classroom Warfare
As environmental education becomes established in school curricula, the debate over what should and shouldn't be taught heats up.
By Ted Williams

Goodall, Coelacanths & Problems for the 21st Century
Environmental lessons from the past and thoughts on the future. Plus: Two important new works for your birding bookshelf.
By Cristopher Camuto

Ask Audubon
Where are birds' ears? How do insects handle a downpour? Is there a connection between goose bumps and animals' defense mechanisms?
By Carolyn Shea

Audubon in Action
In Praise of Robbins; a Wyoming teen raises the rafters for injured raptors; a new plan for a northern imposer; making conservation a hands-on affair.
Edited by Gretel H. Schueller

Earth Almanac
From the flight of the flickers to bugling bull elks to quaking aspens, nature gets ready for winter.
By Ted Williams

In the Wild
Danger! Bear Crossing
The Polar Bear Express, on track.
By Les Line/Photograph by James Balog

~Travel Special~

What have you always wanted to see?

In our September-October 2000 issue, we've collected stories of people's obsessions with species or a place—Costa Rica's Scarlet Macaws, Mexico's Spectacular Copper Canyon—and the journeys they have made to see them.

Join Barbara Kingsolver and husband Steven Hopp as they search for SCARLET MACAWS in the southwest corner of Costa Rica.~Look for LEMURS with Kim Hubbard, photo editor of Audubon.~Explore Mexico's COPPER CANYONS with wilderness writer Ted Kerasote.~~Is ecotravel good or bad for the environment? We asked Megan Epler Wood, president of the International Ecotourism Society.

The Global Safari
During the past three years, Art Wolfe visited every continent to film some of the world's strangest and bost beautiful creatures. Here, a portfolio of his images- and a challenge to guess where he shot them.
Text by Carolyne Shea / Photography by Art Wolfe/


Rescuing Orchids
As Guatamala's forests were being destroyed, one man set out to rescue their precious orchids. His legacy is an amazing orchid collection.
Text By Sally Tisdale / Photography by Dan Borris


Volunteer Vacations
Six trips that are good for you, good for wildlife, even good for your taxes.  By Gretel H. Schueller

The List
What drives a man to count more than 7,000 different species of birds, and to travel to more than 75 countries and spend thousands of dollars doing so? And what do you do if that man is your father?
By Dan Koeppel / Illustrations by Tim Bower


The World's Best Birding Trips
Four renowned experts reveal their favorite places for birding.
By Dan Koeppe / Illustration by Tim Bower