Editor's Note
The Everglades restoration effort, the largest ecological rescue in history, is worthy of a special issue.
by David Seideman


Audubon View
For 30 years, Audubon has fought to save the Everglades. Now we celebrate our biggest victory ever.
by John Flicker


Field Notes
Longlines mean short lives for seabirds; wilderness areas hang in the balance; documenting roads' effects on wildlife; sprawl tales; and more.

True Nature
Forgotten Islands
Tree islands, the Everglades' least-known and least-understood habitat, are losing ground fast. Now, with the prospect of restored water flows, they may actually have a future.
by Keith Kloor

A Fork in the River
A long-overlooked section of South Florida's New River and a long-overlooked community in Fort Lauderdale get some long-overdue attention.
by Keith Kloor

A Wing and a Prayer
It's magnificent, colorful, and in desperate straits. One biologist fights a fierce battle to save the roseate spoonbill.
by Frank Graham Jr.

Audubon in Action
Former EPA chief Carol Browner comes on board; a brushpile breakthrough in Mississippi; the state of the states; and a call for nominations to the Audubon board of directors.

One Picture
A spectral blossom, deep in the wilds of South Florida, inspires a tale of intrigue, and a beautiful portrait.
photo by Clyde Butcher
text by Les Line


What You Can Do for the Everglades


A New Day Dawns in the Everglades
The comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan is more than a historical agreement, it's a fresh start for one of the world's true ecological treasures.

Anatomy of a Deal
Many doubted an effective agreement could be reached, but in the end, friend and foe came together because the project has something for everyone.
by Cyril T. Zaneski

Reviving the River of Grass
It's massively complex, but the ecologists, engineers, environmentalists, and politicians who wrote the plan are optimistic it will work. Still, in the end, its success is in the hands of nature.
by Ted Levin

go with the flow
The Everglades' liquid essence, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
by Chris Chang
good news, bad news
On balance the plan will benefit wildlife, but it's a mixed bag.
by Keith Kloor

the nation
Blueprint for the Future
Perhaps the greatest promise of the Everglades rescue is that it will be a model for restoring other ecosystems around the country.
by Jon R. Luoma

Everglades Escapes

gliding through the glades
Biking on Long Pine Key.
by Don Stap
paddling a watery wilderness
Canoeing a scenic waterway.
by James Campbell
trekking tropical trails
Hiking in Big Cypress.
by Stephen Gorman

The Players
The drama of the restoration agreement has a cast of hundreds. Here are eight who played starring roles.

the politicians
Jeb Bush & Bob Graham
by Cyril T. Zaneski
the scientists
Steve Davis & Bob Johnson
by Ted Levin
the activists
Shannon Estenoz & Richard Grosso
by Nancy Klingener
the philanthropists
Mary Barley & Paul Tudor Jones
by Cyril T. Zaneski

Big Water Blues
Restoration will breathe new life into the ecosystem. But will Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades' heart and lungs, get the help it needs?
by Ted Williams



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