Editor's Note
America's tradition of preserving nature, and Americans' tradition of seeking solace in our parks and preserves.
by David Seideman

Audubon View
Audubon's IBA program is fighting to save birds nationwide.
by John Flicker


Field Notes
Energy policy and national security, post-September 11; new support for endangered species; a biodiversity project for the 21st century; and meet the "skeptical environmentalist."

True Nature
Web Masters
Today scientists are just beginning to unravel the secrets of spiderwebs, the wild world's architectural masterpieces.
by Joe Bower

America's Largest Weed
Eucalyptus trees can inspire love and devotion. But what's the true price of our infatuation with this Australian invasive?
by Ted Williams

Earth Almanac
The winter woods: stay-at-home bluebirds, cold-weather flies, off-season singers, and nature's Christmas lights.
by Ted Williams

Ask Audubon
Frozen fish; bleach blues; and when dragons go head-to-head.
by Carolyn Shea

A Little Night Magic
Build a screech-owl box, and improve your neighborhood.
by Kenn Kaufman

A Sight for Sensitive Ears
The latest technology offers new ways to "watch" birds.
by Tina Kelley

Audubon in Action
A key player for preservation in coastal Florida; Audubon centers offer hope after September 11; state of the states.

One Picture
Taking a long, hard look at the night sky.
by Les Line ~ Photograph by Richard Misrach

special section

This Land Is Your Land

Since September 11, nothing about our world
looks quite the same. But crisis makes our connections to nature more important than ever. Eight top writers and eight top photographers reflect on why we must defend our natural heritage.

Introduction by William Cronon

loving the land
by Scott Russell Sanders
by Jim Brandenburg
saying grace
by Barbara Kingsolver
by Mark Klett
wild comfort
by Carl Safina
  cape cod
by Joel Meyerowitz
seeing clearly
by Sallie Tisdale
by Sheila Metzner
sacred ground
by Annick Smith
  catskill park
by Kevin Keith
weaving the world
by Janisse Ray
by Len Jenshel
the flow of life
by John Daniel
  glacier national park
by Mitch Epstein
finding a time pool
by Diane Ackerman
by Sally Gall


The Touch of the Wild

At a family camp on a wooded island off the coast of Maine, a father and his two sons learn about tidepools, puffins, and the healing powers of nature.

by Ted Levin ~ photography by John Huet



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