Audubon View
The Mississippi River watershed is one of our most remarkable natural resources—and one of our most troubled.
by John Flicker

Editor's Note
For a century, Audubon has led the way in bird conservation.
by David Seideman


Field Notes
Tallying the savings from saving nature; textbook censorship; Texas prairie dogs under fire; the end of landfills?; and more.

Seeking Refuge
Fragments of Change
Of Friends and forests, on Maryland's Eastern Shore.
by Jerry Goodbody

True Nature
Make Way for Mushrooms
Forget cyberspace. Welcome to the real World Wide Web!
by Mary M. Woodsen

Trout Are Wildlife, Too
Native trout are being swamped by hatchery fish. So why are sportsmen and environmentalists just letting it happen?
by Ted Williams

Earth Almanac
The winter woods: return of the fisher; waxwings made merry by berries; question marks on the wing; Christmas ferns.
by Ted Williams

Locking Up Your Land
Here's how you can protect your piece of nature forever.
by David Dobbs

Audubon in Action
Tribute to Marie Aull; patron of the cranes; state of the states.

Editor's Choice
New and noteworthy books. Plus, for the holidays, books for families.

One Picture
Farewell to a photographer who scaled many heights.
by Les Line/photo by Galen Rowell

bird conservation
Blue Jewels of the Pantanal
Fourteen years ago, when she first saw hyacinth macaws in the tropical wetlands of southern Brazil, Neiva Guedes was told the species was headed toward oblivion. Then and there, she made the survival of these birds, the world's largest parrot, a personal crusade.
by Susan McGrath/photography by John Huba


Powder Keg
When oil and gas companies look at Wyoming's Powder River basin, they see the mother lode. But now a battle is brewing, and the situation is threatening to blow sky high.
by Keith Kloor/photography by Raymond Meeks

endangered species
Project Gutpile
Even as biologists battle to save the California condor, it is being pushed ever closer to extinction by carrion laced with lead from hunters' bullets. Today a bold new campaign is rallying sportsmen to the condors' cause.
by Jane Braxton Little/photography by Misha Gravenor


citizen science
Putting Birds on the Map
All over the country, citizen scientists are flocking to the woods, helping to identify habitats crucial to the future of birds. What they discover could end up determining the fate of many of our most threatened species.
by Keith Kloor/photography by Katherine Lambert

Special Pullout Section: An Introduction to IBAs
by Frank Graham Jr. Illustrations by David Allen Sibley


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