Editor's Note
When it comes to protecting the yellow-billed loon and other wildlife, politics shouldn't trump science.
By David Seideman

Audubon View
How to measure success, Audubon style.
By John Flicker


Field Notes
A flow of support for Maine's Atlantic salmon; bolstering biodiversity, promoting peace in Korea; cracking down on the growing problem of ocean pollution; and more.

Earthwormed Over
They have long been considered champion soil builders. But are these lowly creatures actually the bane, not the benefactors, of ecosystems?
By Peter Friederici

Flights of Spring
On a marsh in northwestern Montana, the year's first Canada goose announces the birth of the new season.
By Rick Bass

The Mad Gas Rush
Industry's frantic oil and gas grab in the Rocky Mountain West has been a disaster for the region's wildlife—not to mention its ranchers.
By Ted Williams

Earth Almanac
A carrion-eating beetle; a stay-at-home smallmouth dad; an omnivore with attitude; a "tears of blood" lizard; a fragrant "rampscallion."
By Ted Williams

When Nature Bites Back
Americans want to live in and around wild places. But when people and predators start to rub shoulders, there can be dire, even tragic, consequences.
By Keith Kloor

The Auduboner
William Stott and the curriculum of conservation; a base for nature in the Twin Cities; butterflying takes off at chapters around the country.

One Picture
Good thing this bedbug can't bite!
By Dennis Kunkel/Text by Les Line

Urban Oasis
High Hopes
For decades it was a neglected, almost forgotten, part of the crowded sprawl of East L.A. Now a revitalized Debs Park, with its new Audubon center, has created a haven for wildlife and people.
By Dan Koeppel/photography by Rob Howard

Clear & Present Danger
Everyone loves a room with a view. Unfortunately, each year windows take a terrible toll on birds. Today, after decades of inattention, biologists and architects are casting new light on an old problem.

y David Malakoff/photography by Robert McCaw

I Brake for Butterflies
More and more birders are being smitten by an altogether new winged object of desire. So grab your binoculars and join the butterfly revolution.
Kenn Kaufman

Cover photo by James Balog


Pest Management
The Proof Is in the Pellet
In California's Central Valley, farmers, high school students, and barn owls have joined forces in a whole new kind of pest management. Does it work? They've got all the evidence they need.
By Kenneth Brower/photography by Angela Wyant

Photo Essay
Prickly Personalities
By using an antique photographic process, Texan Robb Kendrick offers some decidedly fresh portraits of a bunch of thorny characters.
By Robb Kendrick/text by Peter Friederici

The Arctic
Cry of the Loon
As industry mobilizes for a full-scale push into Alaska's vast but fragile National Petroleum Reserve, the fate of the region's wildlife, especially that of the remarkable but elusive yellow-billed loon, could be hanging in the balance.
By Jeff Fair



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