Editor's Note
See what some dogged environmentalists pulled off in the Arizona desert.
By David Seideman

Audubon View
Audubon and BirdLife International team up to be a global force for birds.
By John Flicker


Arctic Update
A bad result on drilling in Alaska. Find out how your senators voted.

Field Notes
Mercury pollution shows up in a new place; the big chill at the USFWS; sowing the grassroots; tracking the grey-headed albatross; more.

Rocky Redoubt

This island IBA off southern California is a refuge for Xantus' murrelet.
By Frank Graham Jr

Pulp Fiction

Michael Crichton's new best-seller proves that fiction is stranger than truth.
By Daniel Glick

Something's Fishy

Do the Northwest's fish hatcheries help-or harm-wild fish populations?
By Ted Williams

Audubon at Home
A Falcon With Flair

Build this box, and you might share your space with an American kestrel.

By Frank Graham Jr./Kestrel box by René Laubach

Earth Almanac
Meet a heavy metal beetle; wolf souvenirs; a streambed jewel; fierce flyers!
By Ted Williams

Mourning Glory

Are some bird species more equal than others?
By Thomas Urquhart

Audubon Directory

The Tree of Life
To the oak, a stalwart companion to human progress.
By Frank Graham Jr.

One Picture
A hurricane warning is this photographer's call to duty.
Photograph by Clifford Ross/Text by Les Line


The Big Flap
A biologist faces a daunting challenge trying to teach trumpeter swans to return to breed on the East Coast. An even bigger challenge may be battling his critics.
By Ted Kerasote

Score One for the Desert

After many years, hundreds of meetings, and fistfights in church bathrooms, a funny thing happened. Widely disparate interests, from environmentalists to developers, closed ranks to forge a landmark agreement that will preserve a big part of Arizona's Sonoran Desert.
By Keith Kloor/Photography by Chip Simons

Cover photo by Art Wolfe



Photo Essay
East Is East

A master photographer fused an innovative technique with a personal view of nature to produce visions of his native China that are mysterious, ethereal, and startlingly original.
Photography by Don Hong-Oai/Text by Kenn Kaufman

2nd Chances

At New York City's Rikers Island prison, inmates in the GreenHouse Program plant vegetable gardens, build bird feeders and nest boxes, get an introduction to ecology, and learn lessons about starting over.
By Maria Finn Dominguez/Photography by Doug DuBois



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