Editor's Note
As we celebrate second chances, let's make the most of first chances, too.
By David Seideman

Audubon View
The return of the ivory-bill provides compelling lessons for conservation.
By John Flicker


Field Notes
Monarchs' miracle migration imperiled; saving prairie, an acre at a time; a true ambassador for birds; forecasting the environmental future.

Public Menace

Marauding deer and maniacal deer hunters mean disaster in Pennsylvania.
By Ted Williams

Audubon at Home
Hollywood Native

Rene Russo takes on a new role: saving California's indigenous plants.

By Susan J. Tweit

Earth Almanac
Freshwater jaws; rats with scruples; breakable snakes; ghosts of summer.
By Ted Williams

To Catch a Shadow
A new book recounts the against-the-odds search for the ivory-bill.
By Frank Graham Jr.

One Picture
A fine-arts photographer who can't separate the wildlife from the landscape.
Photograph by Nick Brandt/Text by Les Line


Audubon Travel 2005
To the Ends of the Earth
Here are three places where the human footprint has made a good impression.

Destination: Great Inagua
Burning Desire

This island is so far off the beaten path that many people have never heard of it. But its austere beauty-and flamingo fireworks-make up for the tough going.
By Frank Graham Jr./Photography by Daniel J. Cox

Postcard: Tanzania
The Ngorongoro Crater is in a land of scenic splendor and dazzling wildlife.
Photography by John Huba/Text by Sydney Horton


Cover photo by Mattias Klum



Destination: Antarctica
Frozen in Time

Despite the growing numbers of cruise ships sailing to Antarctica, the continent seems as remote and unspoiled as ever. And the animal viewing can't be beat.
By Jeff Rubin/Photography by Mattias Klum

Postcard: Australia
An Outback walkabout reveals the varied wonders of the Land Down Under.
Photography by William Abranowicz/Text by Rene Ebersole

Destination: Trinidad
Treasure Island

Trinidad is home to the oilbird and the scarlet ibis-and a booming oil industry. Interestingly, the birds' survival might just depend on the oil.
By McKenzie Funk/Photography by William Abranowicz

The Best-Kept Secret

By now everyone knows the miracle of the ivory-billed woodpecker. Here's an insider's account of what it was like being on the other side of the conservation story of the century.
By Rachel Dickinson



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