Editor's Note
For the sake of forests everywhere, we all need to follow the paper trail.
By David Seideman

Audubon View
A bold plan for Phoenix's Rio Salado will benefit wildlife and the community.
By John Flicker


Field Notes
Turning ivory-bill habitat into garden mulch; a survival road for pronghorns; tending to falcons on the Morro Coast; remembering Guy Bradley.

West Coast Way Station

In Washington State, a critical rest stop for thousands of migrating birds.
By Frank Graham Jr.

True Nature
Decoding the Egg

Bird eggs, it seems, depend as much on their surroundings as on their mothers.
By Peter Friederici

The Holy & the Hawks

Longtime foes join forces to battle a common enemy: global warming.
By Keith Kloor

Bad News Bear Hunters

How can there be a "thrill of the chase" when there's no chase?
By Ted Williams

Earth Almanac
A procrastinating salamander; dusky sharks; field of goo; our "other" deer.
By Ted Williams

Nature's Daredevil
A new biography of William Beebe, naturalist, explorer, and bon vivant.
By Frank Graham Jr.

One Picture
State-of-the-art scanning reveals a disturbing profile of amphibian deformities.
Photograph by Brandon Ballengée/Text by Les Line


The Final Frontier
Canada's boreal forest is vast, though not limitless. Now, as five acres of the boreal fall a minute, activists are racing to save it for the 300 species of birds that breed there.
By Jeff Hull/Bird Illustrations by David Allen Sibley

Photo Essay
Robin, Robin, Wherefore Art Thou?

New York's Central Park is the unlikely stage for some standout bird performances.
Photography by Cal Vornberger/Text by Rene Ebersole

Madame Butterfly

Camille Parmesan's groundbreaking work has shown how global warming has pushed butterfly populations northward. The implications for all wildlife are daunting indeed.
By Alex Shoumatoff/Photography by Robb Kendrick


Cover photo by David Tipling/Getty Images



Trail Mix

In just a few short years, birding trails have moved from a novelty to an ecotourism phenomenon. Here are four outstanding trails to try. Plus: 10 new birding trails that might strike your fancy, and 5 more that are just around the bend.
Photography by Jan Staller/Maps by Mike Reagan

Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River Birding Trail
By David Howard

Oregon Cascades Birding Trail
By M. J. Cody

Southwest Utah Birding Trail
By Heidi Walters

America's Wetland Birding Trail, Louisiana
By Bill Fontenot



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