Editor's Note
The conservation message needs to take root in all parts of America.

By David Seideman

Audubon View
Restoring habitat and revitalizing communities go hand in hand.
By John Flicker


Field Notes
Personal virtue hits the White House; a scientist on the hot seat; more.

Hedging Their Bet

At a grassland near Chicago, addition begins with a little subtraction.
By Frank Graham Jr.

Audubon at Home
Bring on the Bees
The simplest of projects will lure a prolific pollinator to your garden.
By Kris Wetherbee

For 30 years Steven Fuller has seen Yellowstone in ways few ever have.
By Todd Wilkinson

True Nature
Snow Daze

Avalanches can be devastating, but they can also be a boon to wildlife.

By Tom Yulsman

Hitting the Beach

Sea turtles have been around for millennia, but do they have a future?
By Ted Williams

Land of the Lost
Elephants on the Great Plains? A new book trumpets a radical plan.
By Keith Kloor

Earth Almanac
Winter's yippers and yappers; a living relic; and an anole of a different color.
By Ted Williams

One Picture
This stunning shot is part daring technique, part dazzling artistry.

Photograph by Bernhard Edmaier/Text by Les Line


Traditional Values
The NASCAR Conservationist Al Cecere travels the nation, speaking for bald eagles. But his true message is about making the protection of natural resources a core value. Best of all, Cecere, aided by his charismatic sidekick Challenger, is creating new allies for conservationists.
By David Seideman/Photography by Craig Cutler


Bird Conservation
On the Front Lines

Like the heroic Audubon wardens of a century ago, a new generation of volunteer guardians are taking the protection of Florida's coastal birds into their own capable hands.
By Doreen Cubie/Photography by Brian Smith

Cover photo by Craig Cutler




New York landowners are discovering they don't have to choose between woodlots and wildlife. In fact, as it turns out, sometimes a bit of sustainable logging can actually benefit birds and other wildlife.
By Jon R. Luoma/Photography by Chris Buck


Photo Essay
Suspended in Animation

An ordinary viewpoint yields some extraordinary images of daily life at the feeder.
Photography by Neeta Madahar/Text by Kenn Kaufman



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