Editor's Note
Your local farmers' market offers a delicious way to support conservation.

By David Seideman

Audubon View
A concerted effort saves one of Hawaii's true gems.
By John Flicker


Field Notes
Tracking bird flu; migrating with monarchs; remembering an Audubon hero

American Revival

A tireless champion battles to return our native chestnut to its ontime glory.
By Peter Friederici

Meadow Lark
Getting to know a charming pair of red foxes in a Montana valley.
By Jeff Hull

Sacred Cows
Cattle grazing is doing incalculable damage to the West's arid public lands.
By Ted Williams

Earth Almanac
Colorful colonizer; nature's sweetest song; it's raining mackerel; sun sparks.

By Ted Williams

Pulling All-Nighters

For these citizen scientists, fun is prowling for owls in the dead of winter.

By Murray Carpenter

It was 1913, and Teddy Roosevelt needed an adventure. Boy, did he get one.
By Susan McGarth

One Picture
A compelling portrait of a survivor of Africa's brutal bushmeat trade.

Photograph by James Mollison/Text by Les Line


Audubon Center
Lost & Found
A rare wetlands in central Texas, fouled by decades of sewage dumping and left nearly for dead, is reborn as a haven for birds, wildlife—and people.  
By Patricia Sharpe


Tribal Lands
Leader of the Pack

In Arizona a unique partnership between the White Mountain Apache tribe and the Fish and Wildlife Service is bringing back the Mexican gray wolf. It could also be a blueprint for endangered-species conservation on America's 100 million acres of Indian country. 
By Daniel Glick


Cover photo by Brent Humphreys



Audubon at Home
The Ripe Stuff
More and more of us are heading to our local farmers' market for the best peaches, eggs, and tomatoes anywhere. But taste is just the first reason to support your local farmers.
By Mary-Powel Thomas/Photography by Christopher Baker


Photo Essay
The Hot Zone

Twenty years after the Chernobyl meltdown, a photographer returns to the scene of the disaster. There, in the still-poisoned landscape, he finds surprising signs of life.
Photography by Antonin Kratochvil/Text by David Malakoff



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