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In 2006 the National Science Foundation hired the Swedish icebreaker Oden to create a channel through a 15-mile band of ice blocking its Antarctic research base, McMurdo Station, from the sea. In addition to clearing the way, researchers on the Oden also conducted several scientific studies that could shed light on how global warming might be affecting certain regions of Antarctica. Daniel Grossman, a multimedia science producer, was on board as the ship plowed through the famed Drake Passage and around the perimeter of the southern continent.  

Click on the photo below and join Grossman as he describes the adventure.


In Punta Arenas, Chile, a four-member team of wildlife researchers boarded the Oden to document some of the animals seen during the last leg of the journey. Marine ornithologist Bill Everett was one.

Click on the image below to hear Everett as he discusses some of the animals his team encountered.



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