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Bonus Birding Trails
More trails to keep you busy, recommended by Audubon’s bird expert, Kenn Kaufman.

Bonus Southern Birding Trails

Snowy egret.
Kenn Kaufman

North Alabama Birding Trail
This trail highlights 50 sites as it winds through 11 counties at the northern edge of the state. Beautiful hardwood forests along area rivers are at their best in spring and early summer, while lakes and reservoirs in the region, especially along the Tennessee River, attract many waterbirds at all seasons.  For more information, click here.


An energetic effort to promote wildlife watching has created an increasing list of short birding and wildlife trails throughout Kentucky, with over 20 trails well established and more in the works.  These relatively short trails allow you to choose exactly the kind of nature experience you’re seeking.  For more information, go here.


Red River Birding Trail
This new trail highlights more than 80 birding sites in 18 parishes of western and northwestern Louisiana.

Zachary Taylor Parkway Birding Trail
Stretching for almost 150 miles through southeastern Louisiana, this new trail takes in 27 sites for birding in 10 parishes. 

Information on both trails can be found here.


Mississippi Coastal Birding Trail
The short but beautiful coastline of Mississippi features wonderful birding areas, from upland forests to beaches and islands, from the marshes of the Pearl River to the swamps along the Pascagoula River. This trail covers the best sites in the six southernmost counties of Mississippi. Click here for more information.


Heart of Texas Wildlife Trail
Divided into eastern and western loops, this trail takes in more than 230 sites.  Centered on the famous Hill Country of Texas but including prairies, forests, deserts, and lakes, the trail offers fabulous spring wildflowers, dramatic vistas, and a remarkable variety of birdlife. For more information, click here.

Prairies and Pineywoods Wildlife Trail
The region of northeastern Texas known as the “pineywoods” may not be well known outside the state boundaries, but it’s a beautiful area of southern longleaf pine forest interspersed with lakes, rivers, and streams.  This trail also takes in the Blackland Prairies and the wilderness of the Big Thicket. For more information, go here.


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Bonus Birding Trails
More trails to keep you busy, recommended by Audubon’s bird expert, Kenn Kaufman.

Bonus Western Birding Trails

Western grebe.
Kenn Kaufman

Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Viewing Trail
Sixty-five sites, including forests, fjords, and lakes, make of the trail on this beautiful peninsula just south of Anchorage. 

For more information, click here.


Palms to Pines Birding and Nature Trail
This gives details on ten major birding sites in the interior of southern California, from the San Jacinto Mountains to the Salton Sea. To obtain a brochure and map by mail, send an email here. To see a version of the information online, click here.

Klamath Basin Birding Trail (see Oregon)


Reno Area Birding Guide
This is not advertised as a birding trail, but it works the same way. The Lahontan Audubon Society in Reno has produced a detailed guide to 20 premier birding sites in that area, with maps, directions, and birding tips. Click here for more information.


Oregon Coast Birding Trail 
Divided into four sections, this detailed trail runs the length of the Oregon coast and nearby areas on the coastal slope, highlighting 173 productive sites for birding. For full information, go to here.

Klamath Basin Birding Trail
Encompassing the interior of southern Oregon and the northern edge of California, this trail follows a variety of habitats, from the mountain forests around Crater Lake to the great waterfowl marshes of the Klamath Basin refuges.  For more information, click here.


Eastern Utah Birding Trail
The Wasatch Audubon Society in Ogden, which produced the Great Salt Lake Birding Trail, also created trails for eastern and southern Utah.  The eastern trail takes in the high Uinta Mountains, beautiful desert canyons, and other habitats. Go here for more information.

Southwest Utah Birding Trail
Completing Utah’s trio of trails, this one includes spectacular geological features as well as pinyon-juniper woods, sagebrush flats, lakes and mountains, all with their own special birds. For more information, click here.


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