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Pest Control
Graveyard Shift
About the time most people are getting off work, millions of free-tailed bats take to the Texas sky, glutting themselves on insects and providing an invaluable service to farmers near and far.

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Alternative Energy
Selling the Wind
Wind power offers one carbon-free answer to our energy crisis. But do its benefits outweigh the risks it poses for birds and bats?

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Audubon’s Energy Guide
Power to the People
No matter what kind of budget you have, our home energy savings guide can show you how to run a greener, less expensive house.

Photo Essay
On Thin Ice
An airborne photographer turns his camera on a remote island, and comes back with some disturbing close-ups of the real world of global warming.

Treasure Island
On some dry islands off the coast of Baja California, a concerted effort and a bit of calculated ruthlessness show hope for the future of seabirds.

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Illustration by David Allen Sibley

A New Ivory-Bill Sighting
On Florida's panhandle, a team of ornithologists is raising hopes again for the grail bird's existence.

Common Ground
E.O. Wilson, Richard Cizik, and Stuart Pimm on where science and religion meet.

Listen to our bald eagle cover story in the January-February 2006 issue.

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