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A Rose Is Not a Rose
What could be purer than this iconic symbol of unadulterated love? In truth, the rose’s perfection often comes at a poisonous price—pesticide-doused stems and toxic workplaces for the people who grow them. The good news: A new generation of growers is turning the red rose green.

Smoke on the Water
Coal-fired power plants are justly criticized for spewing greenhouse gases and mercury-laced emissions. So why is one company so intent on building such a plant  in Arkansas, in one of the most beautiful and wildlife-rich places anywhere?

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Photo Essay
Counting the Wings
Charley Harper’s bird paintings are remarkable in their striking beauty and style. In his new book, world-famous designer Todd Oldham discusses his friendship with the artist and showcases a bounty of Harper’s one-of-a-kind art.

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Endangered Species
Let’s Make a Deal
Arid West Texas is a place of rugged terrain and rugged people. It’s also the unlikely location for a groundbreaking alliance between ranchers and environmentalists. Besides helping to secure the survival of the aplomado falcon, it could change the whole debate over the Endangered Species Act.

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On the cover: A rose cultivated in the Cayambe area of Ecuador, the second-biggest supplier of roses to the United States. Photograph by Pablo Corral Vega.

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