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Video: Cuddle Up
See how one concerned citizen taught people how to identify with Steller sea lions.
Video: Audubon Women in Conservation, 2011
This year’s Rachel Carson Award recipients were artist/architect Maya Lin and actor Sigourney Weaver.
Video: Life in Chimney Swift Towers
Insider footage on chimney swifts roosting and nesting in manmade structures.
Video: Swamp Magic
Take a journey through South Carolina's Francis Beidler Forest, a RAMSAR Wetland of International Importance and an Important Bird Area.
Video: Swift Flight
Visitors to Frank Wagner Elementary School set up lawn chairs to watch an avian spectacle: thousands of Vaux’s swifts circling the building.
Video: Salute the Volunteer Army
After BP’s Macondo well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, thousands of concerned citizens responded to Audubon’s recruiting call for help. Say hello to some of the dedicated volunteers.
Video: One Cute Chick
Amid Southern California beaches’ bathing beauties, western snowy plovers make their homes. See how Los Angeles Audubon’s Stacey Vigallon uses art and science to protect them.
Slideshow: Deep in Oil
A look at the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the array of species it threatens.
Slideshow: A Garden Fit for Birds
The Bedford Audubon Society’s vegetable garden not only provides bird-friendly habitat, but an educational opportunity and bountiful feast for humans as well.
Book Review: Life
This photo-heavy book is a magnificent companion to the 11-part Discovery Channel/BBC TV series

Video: Whittled Wonders
Bird carving collector Joseph Ellis reveals the origin of his passion. Plus, bonus photos of avian carvings and their creators.  

Video: Is Lady Gag's Hit Song about the Environment?
Watch Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ video with pop-up commentary.
Video: Gecko Acrobatics
Watch a leopard gecko’s tail flip—sans body.
Video: Bird in Flight
Footage of the dazzling feathered protagonists featured in photographer Andrew Zuckerman’s latest book.

Audio: Make Way for Whoopers
Donning disguises and armed with treats, conservationists train whooping cranes to migrate on their own.

Video: Treasure Islands
A New York City Audubon program aims to protect refuges in the city’s harbor for a trove of water birds.

Video: Sustainable Sports
Sports figures and events are encouraging greener habits for players and fans alike.

Video: Audubon VideoGuide to Butterflies
Come fly with monarch butterflies on their epic migration.

Photo Gallery & Video: Bonaire’s Wildlife Bonanza
Bonus photographs and video from Audubon photo editor Kim Hubbard’s and journalist Ted O’Callahan’s trip to Bonaire.
Audio: Biosphere Birds
Mexico’s Sierra Gorda reserve is a biological melting pot—with plenty of birds to complete the mix.

Video: Philippe Cousteau Jr.
An exclusive Audubon video interview with this generation’s ocean ombudsman.

Movie Trailer: 'Earth'
Disneynature’s “Earth” hits theaters on Earth Day, April 22. From the directors of “Planet Earth” and narrated by James Earl Jones, the film tells the remarkable tale of a herd of elephants, a clan of polar bears, and a pod of humpback whales.
Video: Lured by His Lovely
An ornithologist-turned-videographer captures an elusive bird—as well a host of others—on film while exploring Honduras’s pristine Pico Bonito National Park. 
Video: Unlocking the Rock
Energy companies look at the vast oil shale reserves in the U.S. West and see boundless potential. But will the massive investment required to develop this resource be worth the considerable environmental costs?
Video: Shell-shocked: Saving Turtles From Crab Traps
An exclusive video shows how state and local efforts to introduce a modified crab trap could help pull the diamondback terrapin back from the brink.
Video: Antarctica in the Rough
Journey with associate editor Susan Cosier and her husband to a hauntingly beautiful land of glaciers, icebergs, and plenty of penguins.
Video: Christopher Marley: A Beetle Maniac Bares All
In this exclusive, artist Christopher Marley reveals how he redirected a phobia for insects into an artistic passion.
Video: Raptor Adventures in Jamaica Bay
Tag along with video producer Alexa Schirtzinger and volunteers from the American Littoral Society as they band barn owls living in wetlands in New York City.
Video: Spotting the Ladybug
A new citizen science project aims to map ladybug populations across the country.
Audio: Sounds of the Boreal Forest
Listen to birdsongs from Canada’s coast-to-coast wilderness.
Video: A Day at the Green Market with Tim Stark
Meet a celebrity tomato farmer as he shows off his wares.
Video: Great Lakes
New legislation makes better water management a priority for Great Lakes stakeholders.
Audio: Wren Duets
Some wrens sing to each other to communicate important messages. Listen to two duets here.

Video: Icebergs
A sneak peek at the amazing array of life beneath an Antarctic iceberg

Podcast: In Pursuit of Reindeer
Audubon writer Nancy Bazilchuk shares anecdotes from her family’s Norwegian ski adventure.
Video: At the Bit
See how a natural gas boom is causing an environment bust in the Rocky Mountain West.
Video: Frigid Frogs
Auto-freezing amphibians have a unique way of hibernating. Learn how global warming could affect their shut-eye.
Video: Plover Patch
On-the-ground footage reveals how piping plovers, those charismatic shorebirds, are faring in New York City.
Video: Creature Close-up
The making of Andrew Zuckerman’s Creature.
Audio: Wood Thrush
Listen to the call of a wood thrush. (Credit: Lang Elliot)
Video: Park Invaders
Nonnative plant species are intruding on our national parks. Fillmmaker Liz Smith ( reveals what it takes to fight these invaders.
Video: Prairie Dance
Prairie chicken mating rituals are caught on film by Kipp Woods of the Missouri Department of Conservation.
Video: Treasured Trash
What is ecotourism? Stanley Selengut, creator of Maho Bay Camps on St. John, reflects on the concept, as well as on his lodge’s novel way of turning garbage into art.
Video: Chipping Away
Take a trip aboard the Oden, a powerful icebreaker on a mission to Antarctica.
Video: Brewing a Better Ethanol
Making commercially viable ethanol from fibrous material like switchgrass is a fine-tuned science. Here, learn what researchers are doing to bring cellulosic ethanol to the marketplace.
Audio: Finding a Ghost Bird
Scientists feared the Sumatran ground cuckoo was extinct. Now you can hear the call of this recently rediscovered bird.

Audio: Planting Your Lawn
Listen to a podcast on lawn maintenance.

Owls in the Vineyard
Amid the beauty of Napa Valley, sustainable farming practices have taken root. Learn how winegrowers, with a vision toward sustainability, have found a natural ally in the Barn Owl.