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Waste Not
Whether you’ve been sorting newspapers and bottles for years or are just starting to notice the growing number of products made from previously used materials, chances are you have a few questions about recycling. So in honor of the 12th annual America Recycles Day, on November 15, 2009, Audubon has compiled a guide to living a zero-waste lifestyle, tracking electronic trash to the ends of the earth, and recycling everything from packing peanuts to batteries. 

Volunteers man the recycling bins at University of Michigan’s first zero-waste tailgate.
The Ann Arbor Chronicle

Zero Waste: Beyond ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’
From classrooms to communities, groups around the United States are working to curtail landfill-bound garbage.


Wikimedia Commons

As our computers, printers, cell phones, and televisions are made obsolete by their faster and more powerful descendants, they’re tossed, dumped, and discarded, usually without regard for the poisons they contain. A writer goes to the ends of the earth to trace the dark side of the world’s love affair with technology.


Recycling 101
Audubon’s Green Guru Susan Cosier answers your most vexing queries about recycling and reducing your impact on the earth. Send your questions to


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