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Audubon Guide
Legs to Stand On
Photographing wildlife and landscapes without a tripod is like hiking without a good walking stick. Sure you can do it, but why not take off some of the load? With hundreds of tripod models available, these are just some of my favorite “sticks” and accessories.



Tripod Heads
The mechanism that connects a tripod to a camera is called the tripod “head,” and it is as important—if not more so—than the right tripod. Of the countless tripod heads on the market, these models top my list.


Must-Have Tripod Gear
There are a few things I always pack in my camera bag regardless of where I’m headed, and they’re great for shooting in tight or awkward spaces where a tripod doesn’t fit.


David Schloss wrote The Audubon Guide to Cameras. He is the director of the Mac Create Network and the Aperture Users Network as well as a professional photographer, writer, editor, and educator specializing in adventure sports, travel, and lifestyle.


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